This Farm is the perfect example of how to get started to feed your community. Growing over 5,000 plants every few weeks from a space of just 260 square feet. Features Geothermal heating. These guys are Green!

No other equipment in the world brings this kind of economic value to the farmer.

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In Partnership with:

They purchased 3 single aeroponic garden units to teach their youth about new technologies in growing food and foster interaction among tribal elders and the youth who will lead in the future.

Dedicated to bringing an abundance of healthy, safe, all naturally grown fresh food to Natives, using reliable, easy to use indoor crop growing equipment from Indoor Farms of America.

Bringing Economic Benefits to Tribes

By owning and operating indoor farms, whether a Container Farm or a larger scale Community farm in an existing facility on-site at the reservation, tribal members can create economic benefits to the tribe and themselves, enriching lives and creating truly enjoyable jobs in the process. Training the youth for an empowered future where the tribal community can control its destiny.

Native Indoor Farms is a special native-owned partnership of Indoor Farms of America and an experienced team formed to bring access to locally grown, fresh produce all year round to Native communities across the U.S., using the very best controlled environment growing technologies, including the patented vertical aeroponic farming system shown here. Nothing grows more crops in any space you have.

Native Indoor Farms was created for two reasons:

We had a fun training visit from Nikki and Pat of the Prairie Band of the Potawatomi Nation in Mayetta Kansas.

Bringing Healthy Eating to Tribes

This is accomplished by engaging the tribal communities across America to do what they have historically taken great pride in: growing food for their populations.  In this case, we bring the ability to have the freshest possible, most nutritionally dense and extremely tasteful leafy greens of virtually any kind, along with Strawberries, Tomatoes and most any variety of Peppers.

Beautiful Salamanca New York gets its first Vertical Aeroponic Farm!  This farm will serve the needs of the great Seneca Nation!  Owned and operated by a tribal member with a vision to help the community!